Green School Latest News


November 14h

We have just been awarded Green Flag number 5!! Biodiversity is the name of the game in Ardnagrath. Our new committee was put in place during the last school term of 13/14 and have been busy keeping on top of everything and everyone (including teachers) in an attempt to gain Flag number 5. With Ronan and Kacey spearheading the charge, everyone has been given a role, be it minding the poultry, checking the bins, conserving water and electricity or car pooling and cycling. There is a great buzz around the school at the minute as is evidenced by our ‘Biodiversity Wall’ (down beside the gym). The wall displays all our green school work, old and new, and includes such events as Conor Cleary and Ardnabaaa (the school sheep, who lambed last year and made us a tidy profit). You can also see our duck project where we are on to our second generation of ducklings (just hatched in Ms. Maxwell’s room) and how our eggs were used for various recipes from scrambled egg to pavalova!! Our 6 new ducklings are being well minded by our second class at the minute and Seán and Katelyn are keeping our resident ducks fed and watered on a daily basis. Feel free to call down to visit our pen, behind the new car park at any time to welcome the new additions to the Ardnagrath family.


In other news, our new garden will have to wait until all our building and renovations are finished. All ideas are welcome. In the meantime we hope to conserve what is left by maintaining our herbs and apple tree area. As always, anyone is welcome to avail of our wonderful herbs at any stage. We have already used them to flavour some beautiful soups and dishes.


Please feel free to come visit our Biodiversity wall at any stage over the coming weeks to view all the work our brilliant students have been up to over the past number of years. From hedgehog to cooking projects there is an awful lot to see and read so make sure you leave enough time.


Our Aims

The aims of our Green School Biodiversity project is to look after our earth, so our earth can look after us.

Save our environment from early retirement!


Green Flags

The school has managed to attain five green flags!

The first four flags awarded have been for recycling, energy conservation, water conservation and transport. We have just been awarded our fifth green flag for biodiversity! As we reflect over the last couple of years work, we can’t help but feel proud of all our good work in help to protect our environment.

Many will be wondering if we will go for a sixth green flag? But of course! Keep watching the Green School – Latest News section for all the updates!