We love first Class. It has been such a busy busy time for all of us, and it really has been a very exciting few weeks since we came back to school. We were so lucky to have the Sam Maguire Cup in school and we all got a photograph taken with Sam. It was amazing to hold this magnificent cup. In First Class it’s incredible how many subjects we have and how much we learn – all about nature, migration, geography, history, artefacts and lots more. We have taken part in Cross Country and even though it was a really wet day in Belvedere we had great fun.

One foggy morning we went on a spider web walk and we found lots of webs. We know the names of different webs and on our walk we saw an orb web. We also found a sheet web in a green shrub. We learned lots of things about spiders and we had a great big spider visiting us in our classroom. We could count 8 legs but it was very hard to see its 8 eyes. Nobody was scared of it.

You won’t believe this but we have a giraffe in our room. It has 4 long legs and a long neck and guess what – it’s a magic giraffe. It can open the window and it can dis-appear. It can even write letters and post parcels from giraffe land and best of all it can stand still for days and days and days.

Watch out for more news about our giraffe and our class.