It’s a new year!  Athbhliain faoi mhaise duit. We all hope that 2018 is going to be full of fun for each one of us. We know that we are going to learn many new things this term as well as having lots of adventures. But first we have to tell you about Christmas in our classroom. We asked Santa to send us back our special Elf, Chippy. We remembered the magic word please and one day we heard the sleigh bells ringing. Soon afterwards Chippy arrived in our room but every night he went back to the North Pole to tell Santa all the news. You just won’t believe this – Chippy came to Tuar Ard to see our Christmas show Children of the World.  Everyone says it was the best show ever. It was all about children from countries around the world celebrating the story of Christmas. We had lots of different characters including angels, children from Malawi and children from the U.S.A. We wore colourful costumes, sang beautiful songs, said our lines, acted and danced. Boy but were we good. Now we need to make sure that during 2018 we remember the message of Christmas – to spread love everywhere we go.

Just before we got our Christmas holidays we went to the A.I.T in Athlone. It was great fun but we were all very tired after it. We learned how to jump hurdles, how to run and then take off for the high jump, how to pass the baton in relay running and how to do a really good long jump. Best of all we were able to run a full lap on the indoor track.

Now it’s January and we are back to school but it’s taking us a little time to get used to school work again. Teacher said we can have another week to settle in but then we have to start working very hard.  We have a lovely amaryllis growing in our room, and each day it keeps getting taller and taller. Even though we watch very carefully we have never actually seen it grow. We are waiting for it to bloom and when it does it will be a beautiful red amaryllis.

That’s it for now from 1st class. We will tell you more in the springtime – watch out as everything begins to grow. Spring is on the way.