We have been so busy in 3rd and 4th class that time is just seems to be flying by!

What a great first term we had, learning all about the Romans, the heart and lungs, China, communication, multiplication, division and lots more!

Since coming back in January, we have got stuck in again. We’ve begun learning about the Great Irish Famine are reading Under the Hawthorn tree by Marita Conlon McKenna. It is such an interesting but sad part of our history.

In Maths we are learning all about measures. Time, area, 2D and  3D shape were all on our list to conquer! Of course we are always keeping on top of our basic maths facts so don’t be afraid to quiz us on our division or multiplication tables when you see us!

In geography we will be focusing on the water cycle, oceans and lakes. Did you know that the water we drink everyday has been on our earth as since the Jurassic period? We also learned about Germany and Irish bog lands. Science has all about heat and the different types of heat transfers. We will also be learning about the different states of water. We also look forward to representing the school at the RDS Primary Science Fair in Belfast in June. We are so excited!

With so much to learn we only have time for a quick update but check back here soon for more news on how are getting on!